💡Did You Know: you can Multiple Select Plays and Games?


On the Plays or Games list you can use Multiple Select by long pressing on a Play or Game, or by tapping Select.





On Android these are three lines with a checkmark.

Android select

On iOS this is the word Select.

iOS select


You can now select any Play or Game you want, or select All or None with the buttons at the bottom.

iOS none-all


After selecting the Plays you want to change, you can Edit… or Share… them.

  • Edit enables you to change a whole range of Play details.
  • Share is where you can share your play(s) on social media, send a Play file or send or update the Play(s) to BGG.

Android Edit Android Share


For Games you have the options Status… and Edit… after selecting.

  • With Status you can quickly change the Collection status of multiple games at once.
  • Edit allows you to change Game details.

iOS status iOS edit