Via an in-app purchase you can enable the Deep statistics expansion.

Deep stats imageWith it, you can:

  • Filter Game statistics on specific players, time periods and locations
  • View Game score charts based on the number of players
  • See the longest winning streak and current winning streak
  • See how often a tiebreaker resulted in a win
  • See how many new players played and won, and how often the start player wins
  • Compare top and average scores for each player count
  • Compare players’ stats by filtering on them
  • Filter Board Game Stats Insights on specific players, locations and player counts
  • View the total playing time (estimated) for each Game on the Insights screen
  • Filter All plays, the plays of a Game or on a Location on specific players and period
  • Filter game statistics on played board/variants, and played expansions
  • View game statistics per role, and for player-role combinations
  • Monthly heatmap of plays and play duration.

You can buy the Deep stats from the Settings under Deep statistics.