Before submitting a score sheet please check if it doesn’t already exists in the Available score sheets or the Score sheet queue

Please remember, present all info like we don’t know the game!

Add a link to the rules of the game and a picture of the score sheet if it already exists, but also always add the score sheet template like described below.

To submit a score sheet template please send an email to: apps [at]

This email should contain the following information: 

1) E-mail subject

The subject of the email should consist of:

  • the text “Score sheet Template”
  • the BGG id of the game
  • the name of the game

So if you would want to submit a score sheet for Ark Nova the subject should be:
Score sheet Template 342942 Ark Nova” 

– If you think a current score sheet is incorrect, add “Update” at the end of the subject line:
Score sheet Template 342942 Ark Nova Update

– If you want to add another language, add the language at the end of the subject line:
Score sheet Template 342942 Ark Nova English

2) Score sheet template

In the body of the email please provide the following:

  • the BGG id of the game
  • the name of the game
  • language of the score sheet
  • game has score sheet in the box: yes/no (add at bottom)
  • based on official rules: yes/no (add official rules at bottom)
  • the scoresheet itself
  • the link to the original rules
  • link to or photo of original score sheet

A score sheet should contain all lines with text that the score sheet consists of.
Number the lines and put the text between quotes.

Always try to use the terminology and order that is used in the official rules as much as possible.

An example, if you want to submit a score sheet for Ganz schön clever:

BGG id: 244522
Name: That's Pretty Clever
Language: English
Has score sheet in box: YES
Based on official rules: YES
1 “Yellow”
2 “Blue”
3 “Green”
4 “Orange”
5 “Purple”
6 “Foxes”

Official rules:
Original score sheet: <image> or <link>

A total score will always be added, if applicable.

A few options are available

If a score is always negative you can indicate that on the score sheet.

Sometimes scoring lines are grouped, optional a group can have a label (title). A group can also have an optional subtotal.

Checkboxes and radio buttons
A checkbox or radio button can add a value or indicate a game was won.

It is possible to add colours to rows, but we are not actively adding colours to sheets at the moment.
Colours will only be added if they add clarity and are actually clearly present and used in the game.
If you do provide colours, please provide a colour, RGB-hex code, for every row (including headers for groups) and expansion rows. If a colour is not provided for all rows, we might not add any colours. Please note this could look a bit different than anticipated, if the colours don’t work, they won’t be used.

If an expansion needs an extra line and/or needs to remove a line indicate this, use the BGG id of the expansion also.

Repeating a row
Sometimes you don’t know how many rows you need, so you indicate this as a repeating row.

Non-scoring fields
Sometimes you want to see stats over a score that doesn’t count (directly) for the overall score. You can use a non-scoring field for this, these will be shown as a field with a dotted line around them. (Examples of these can be found in the sheets for Splendor Duel and Innovation)

If you think you need any of these options, describe them below your list of score lines. For example:

Line 3 is negative.
A Group with title “Goals”, has a subtotal consists of lines 1, 2 and 3.
Lines 4 and 5 are in a group without title.


If the game scores in several rounds with repeating lines of scores, please indicate the minimum and maximum (or unlimited) number of rounds that are expected. Each round can contain one or more score lines, but no groups.

Round-specific scoring:
Besides the above score sheet type where all scores are added up to determine a winner, when using Rounds there are also other sheet scorings available:

  • Best single rounds wins (you fill in scores for every round, but per player only the highest score wins)
  • Best of x rounds wins (eg. To win best of 3 you need to win 2 rounds)


For updates, please clearly state what is wrong, why and what it should be.


A score sheet can be added in a language when the official rules are used for the translation. This means the game has to be published in that language or a publisher has official rules in that language.

When sending in a template first check if the sheet already exists.
If it does, use the exact lines and in that order to send in a template.
If it doesn’t, please consider also sending in a template for the English sheet, this would really help.

Please note, we are looking for a way to incorporate unofficial translations, you can send these in, but only if you clearly mark them as such.

3) Rules

A link to the rules online. If these don’t exist a pdf of the rules can be attached or a picture of the relevant section of the rules.

4) Original score sheet

If the game comes with a score sheet please mention this and add a link to, or attach a picture/pdf of, that score score sheet. Please only do this for official score sheets.

  • We don’t support icons in score sheets, so always provide a name for each icon.
  • If a game has another way to count points during a game, like a score track, put this in the sheet, as the first line.
  • Try to use the terminology and order that is used in the official rules as much as possible.
  • If you send in a translation for an existing sheet also use the official published rules and please send the translation in the same order as the existing sheet. If you think this should be change, please mention what you think should change and why.
  • Please add a link to the rules of the game!