To get to know more about BG Stats and the different features, some helpful pages are listed below.

Sharing plays
Share a play file of your game night with the other players, or send someone all historical plays you’ve logged when they start logging!
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Creating and sharing a 3×3 image
Want to create a nice grid of images of the games you’ve played?
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Custom Filter

Want to find the perfect game in your app?
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Games list view settings

Want to customise what is shown on the Games list?
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New to me
Want to know how “new to me” games are determined and how to set this up properly.
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Backup Check
We value your data, and so should you! With the Backup Check you can see how well your data is back-upped.
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Importing from Yucata and BGA
After playing online you can get the results in the app quickly!
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Importing from BGG
Got plays logged on BGG that you want in the app?
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BBCode for BGG
Useful when posting Challenges on BGG
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Expansion logging
If you play with one or more expansions, you can log these with a play! You can see stats for expansions, and choose if and how to post expansions to BGG.
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Moving to a new device or reinstalling
If you are replacing your device, or need to reinstall the app, there are a couple of easy ways to transfer your data.
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Advanced filter

Want even more filtering options?
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For when you got a DM, teacher, automa, bot etc. in your play.
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In BG Stats you can randomize:
Games: tap the dice-icon on the top right of the Games list to randomize plays
Players: tap the dice-icon on the top right of the Players list when logging a play
Roles: tap the dice-icon above the Role-list when selecting a role. More info >

Image management
How to add images to plays and what are the options.
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Cost per Play Challenge
How does the Cost per Play Challenge work and how to set up the purchase costs for games.
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