You can send a Play file (which has the extension .bgsplay) via any service (email, messaging, AirDrop or Android Beam) to other users of BG Stats. When you receive a Play file, open it with BG Stats, an import screen will let you match the play data (Players, Game and Location) to your own entries. This way all data is correctly mapped on import. Your choices will be saved for the next time.

  1. On a Play overview screen, press Share, and choose Send Play file.
  2. Choose a sharing-service, or save the file on your device and send it via any way you like later.
  3. When you receive a file, open it with BG Stats to view the import screen.
  4. On the import screen, the Players, Game and Location of the received Play are displayed. Different colours denote the match status:
    • Red: no match found. Tap the item to choose a match, or leave the item unmatched, in which case it will be added to your Players, Games or Locations.
    • Yellow: a match suggestion has been found. If it’s correct, you don’t have to do anything. Otherwise, tap the item to change the match.
    • Green: you matched this item on a previous import. You can still change the match if you want.
  5. You can remove the match for an item by swiping right to left over it. It will turn red again.
  6. Matches you make are saved for the next time, so they will be automatically matched again and turn green. The matches are saved per sender of the Play file.
  7. Press Import, and confirm.
  8. You can view a list of imported plays and their source via Settings > Import, Export and Backup > Imported Plays.
Sharing multiple plays

To share multiple plays:

  • Go to the plays screen and tap ‘Select’ at the top of the screen (this is the word ‘Select’ on iOS and lines with a checkmark on Android)
  • Select all the plays you want to share or tap ‘All’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap ‘Share… ‘
  • Tap ‘Send Play file…’.

You can do this from any list of plays, so from the main Plays list, but also from a list of plays from one Game, Player or Location.