From version 3.14 you can use ‘Non-players’ in Board Game Stats. A non-player is someone you want to log in your play, like a DM or a teacher or an automa, but don’t want to be counted for the number of players.

Marking a player as non-player by default 🤖

You can mark a player as non-player by default, by editing the player and enabling the Non-player switch. The player will be marked with a robot 🤖 icon. They will function as usual, they: can be added to plays, can have roles, scores and even win. When added to a play, the player count of the play is not affected. This is ideal for e.g. adding automa’s, dummy players and bots for solo and 2-player games.

Marking a player as non-player for specific plays only 📖

It’s also possible to change a player into a non-player for one play only. To do this, while adding the play, tap the player’s name and enable the Non-player switch. The player will be marked with a book 📖 icon. The player can have a role, but scores and wins are ignored for this player. Effectively this specific play is ignored for stats for this player only. This is ideal for e.g. explainers or dungeon masters you don’t want to count as one of the players.

Other details

On the Players screen, you can tap the dropdown at the top to filter the players on Non-players 🤖 only. This will list all players that are marked as non-player by default.

When you change an existing player to be a non-player 🤖, the player count will be adjusted for all their plays. This way you can instantly update all existing plays where you logged bots and automa’s to have the correct player count.

Default non-players 🤖 are not listed on Insights, and are not counted in the ‘named player’ statistics. They also do not appear in the ‘Statistics for this group’ at the bottom of a Play’s overview screen. One-play-only non-players 📖 are listed as usual.

The win-chance is calculated including non-players 🤖, because in most cases they can win. Non-players 📖 are not taken into account for win-chance as they usually can’t win.

Merging players

When merging a Non-player 🤖 into a normal player, all plays where that non-player participated will be as marked with Non-player 📖.
When merging a normal player into a Non-player 🤖, all plays where that normal player participated will be as the Non-player 🤖.