Play history and score statistics for your tabletop gaming.

Detailed Play tracking

Keep track of all your Plays, Games, Players and play Locations. Keep track of the scores, ranking, teams and play duration.

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Statistics and charts

View detailed statistics, compare, and chart your plays and scores. See and filter even more with the Deep stats expansion (in-app purchase).

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BGG & NemeStats links

Link games, import and post your plays to BoardGameGeek™. Load Gaming groups from and post your plays!

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Cloud sync

Easily sync your details between all your devices with a $0.99 a year subscription. Never lose a backup, and share all your plays with your playing partner.

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Welcome to Board Game Stats

Keep track of your Board Game plays and scores in this easy to use tool.
View statistics and graphs for your games, plays, and other players.

  • How many games did you play recently?
  • Who scored the highest for a game?
  • With whom did you play and who wins more?
  • Did you improve your score from last times?

App Store review

Essential ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you play board games regularly then this is an essential app. It links seamlessly with Board Game Geek to track your games and play sessions. Within in the app there are then extra tracks like stats like high scores, win/loss ratio, even stats like favoured locations and days of the week that you play games. Simply put, don’t give it another thought, just buy the app and support a fantastic developer.

Sonic Hydra – Feb 18, 2016 – United Kingdom

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