A beta for Score Sheets is now available in Board Game Stats.

Score Sheets let you enter multiple scoring rows for each player, a total and winner are automatically calculated. For a number of games a game-specific score sheet is already available.

To enable the Score Sheet beta, go to Settings > Help, About and Contact in the app and scroll all the way down. Tap Beta features, and on the next screen enable the Score Sheet switch.

Score sheets are available on Android and iOS 14+ from version 3.24.7.

For up to date information about known issues and requests, see this thread on BGG: [v3.24.7] Beta: Score Sheets

Entering scores in a score sheet

When you create a new play, a score sheet button will appear at the top right of the Player and Scores list. This button takes you to the score sheet.

The icon will be earmarked if a game-specific score sheet is available for that game.

To be able to enter scores, players should be selected. If you didn’t do so on the previous screen, you can still do so from the Score Sheet screen with the Players… button at the top left. You can also set details like start player and roles for the selected players by tapping their name in the sheet.

To enter scores, tap a field in the sheet. A keyboard will popup that will let you enter numbers. You can still add short calculations like 3 + 6 + 2. With the arrow buttons next to the keyboard you can quickly jump horizontally to the next player, or vertically to the next score line for the current player.

The scores will be automatically summed and a winner will be selected. You can also change the winner manually, e.g. to process a tie-breaker, by tapping the hex icons next to the total score.

When you browse back to the main Edit play screen, the total scores are entered for each player. These can’t be edited here anymore – tapping a score field will take you back to the score sheet. Saving the play will save the scores and all details in the score sheet.

Repeating rows and adding extra rows

Some rows in the sheet can be repeated, e.g. if it’s unknown how many times something can be scored. These rows will show a ‘Add Row’ button at the top of the keyboard when they are selected.

Below the sheet an ‘Add Row’ button lets you add an extra scoring row to the bottom of the sheet, in case you need it.


A score sheet can be available in different languages, tap the gear icon in the top right of a score sheet to select a language, if available. This choice will be remembered for the next time you use the score sheet.


A score sheet can have different variants. This can be useful for a game that has different modules that have different scoring options, or a Roll & Write game that has different levels with different scoring.
A score sheet that has variants available will have a drop down menu at the top of the score sheet, with the default variant selected.

Sheet types

Besides the Game Template, the game specific score sheet, a two other sheet types are always available. You can find these in the gear icon in the top right of a score sheet.

Generic: This is the most basic version of a score sheet. Two options are available:

  • Best total: a total score is calculated and a winner is set automatically
  • Scores only: a total score is calculated but no winner is set

Rounds: For games where you enter scores over multiple rounds. Four options are available:

  • Best total: a total score is calculated and a winner is set automatically
  • Best round: only the score in the best round is used for the total score.
  • Rounds won: the total score is the number of round a player won.
  • Scores only: a total score is calculated but no winner is set

Viewing saved score sheets

If a score sheet is saved with a play a Score sheet icon will be displayed next to the winner details on the play’s overview screen. Tap the icon to view the saved score sheet. To edit the score sheet, edit the play and tap the score sheet button on the Edit play screen.

Statistics over score sheets

From a game’s overview screen you can view statistics over entered score sheets. For each scoring line the minimum, maximum and average scores entered can be displayed. To see the stats sheet, tap the Score sheet icon with a bar graph on the game’s overview screen. This feature is only available with the Deep Statistics expansion.

If multiple variants are available for the score sheet, you can select a variant at the top of the screen to view the statistics of. With the gear menu in the top right you can switch languages.

More info

You can find a list of games that have custom made score sheets here: Available score sheets

If you want to submit a score sheet that is not in the list, you can find more info here: Submitting Score Sheet templates


Q: can the score sheet use predefined values to calculate scoring? (i.e. Every item is worth 4 and I enter 5, for 5 items, so my score is 20)
Q: can the score sheet calculate a value based on another row? (i.e. the person with the most items gets 20 points)

A: These requests is similar to something we already tried but this just didn’t work.
For now the score sheets are ‘simple’ (with actually a few pretty smart options). We get/know/understand all these ideas, but it’s not feasible at the moment.

Q: can I create my own score sheet?

A: No, not at the moment. We will look into this after the Score Sheet beta.