The role randomizer can be found on the Role selector screen for a player.

Tap the randomize icon to display a dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Any role: select a random role out of all roles.
  • Unassigned role: select a random role that is not used by one of the other players yet.
  • From selected roles: select a random role from the currently selected roles for this player. Only enabled if roles are selected.
  • Clear roles for all players: this removes the role selection for all players.

A randomly selected role replaces any currently selected roles for the current player.

Selecting a role from a subset of existing roles

With the ‘From selected roles‘ option you can quickly let the app choose between a couple of roles that you select first. This is useful e.g. when you want to make sure one of the lesser used roles is chosen or when you can’t choose between you favourites.

Grouping prefixes

If some or all of your role names have repeating prefixes, like ‘Map‘ or ‘End game‘ the randomizer will recognize this and add these prefixes as submenus to the dropdown menu. The number of times these prefixes are used will be added between parenthesis.

Opening that submenu will offer you the option to let the app select ‘Any role‘ or an ‘Unassigned role‘ from just the roles with that prefix.

If you use this option, the newly random selected role will replace any already selected role with this prefix. Any selected roles without this prefix will not be affected.

Prefixes are recognized by the first words of each role; as soon as a prefix occurs 3 or more times it is added to the menu, removing dashes and colons.