You can import your online plays on Yucata and Board Game Arena directly into BG Stats. You can find this on the Settings > Export, import and backup screen.

For some games from Yucata specific score-adjustments are necessary. Please report any unexpected score results that get imported.

Selecting plays to import

You can find the imports in Settings > Export, import and backup. When opening the screen the first time, you’ll be asked for your credentials of the site you’re importing from. These are saved for the next time. You can change the credentials or logout later with the gear button at the top right of the import screen. If you’re using social logins with BGA, please see below under BGA specific details.

After logging in your recent plays will be loaded. New ones are selected by default. You can tap plays to select or deselect them. You can also filter the plays by year. Press the Load all button to load all plays from the selected time period.

Tap the Ignore button to ignore the selected plays from now on – they will not be imported and are not automatically selected anymore when the screen loads. You can un-ignore selected plays with the same button.

Importing the plays

After selecting plays you want to import, tap the Import button. A screen will appear with an overview of the plays, games and players that will be imported. If plays were imported before, they will be overwritten. You can match the games and players to existing games and players in your app. This match will be saved for future imports from that site. If no matching game or player is found or selected, a new one is created on import.

If you turn on the switch “Import unmatched Players as Anonymous” all unmatched players will be set to Anonymous instead of creating a new player for them. You can also make individual unmatched players anonymous by tapping the ‘Make anonymous’ button below their name. If you’re not happy with a match, tap the player and choose ‘None’ or swipe right to left over the player to remove the match.

The location will be the site’s name by default. You can match it to any other location in the app to set that location on the imported plays.

Tap the Import button at the top right to execute the import. After completion you will be returned to the previous screen. To view which plays you have imported, you can tap ‘Imported plays…’ on the Export, import and backup screen.

Reviewing imported plays

You can list all imported plays from the Settings > Import, export and backup screen by tapping Imported plays… All usual filters and multiple-select work on that screen.

Yucata specific details

Recently finished games (Training and Scores games) and games in your Game history (only Scored games) can be imported.

Some games need adjustments in how the scoring is counted. If you encounter unexpected score results from a play from Yucata, please report this to us.

The board/variant in the BG Stats play is filled with some of the game details from Yucata.

Players that have left Yucata are imported as anonymous players.

Board Game Arena specific details

Only finished games are imported, which means no abandoned games.

Board Game Arena does not list the start player.

Unfortunately, Playing time cannot be imported reliably.

Using social (Facebook/Google) logins

BG Stats does not support logging in to BGA with the Facebook/Google login buttons. Follow these steps to add a regular login to your existing account:

  • Dissociate Facebook/Google from your account on the Preferences / Account page. Make sure you have access to the mentioned email address. You’ll get a reset password email with which you can set a password.
  • After setting the password you can use your email address and password to login on the BGA website and in Board Game Stats.
  • If you want, you can now re-associate your account to Facebook/Google, the password will stay valid:
    • Start the social login as usual, BGA will ask to confirm your account.
    • Choose “You already have an account? Link it with Facebook/Google!” at the bottom of that screen.
    • After entering your BGA email and password you’ll now be able to login using either your social account or your email/password combination.