Important to do first: To use the New feature it is important to first mark yourself as “Me”. Go to your Player page, tap “Edit” and enable “This is Me

When logging a play, players can be marked as ‘new’ manually or automatically.

  • Manually: Tap on a player when logging a play and enable “New Player ✨”.
  • Automatically: In Settings enable “Mark new Players with ✨”. If you only want this to automatically happen for you, also enable “only on myself“.


On Insights you will see the number of “new to me” games in the selected period in the overview on the top. In the list of games, all games that were new to you will be marked with a ✨.

If you have the Deep Stats expansion you can filter on new to me games by tapping the star in the filter bar: . Only games that have plays, in the selected period, that were new to you will be shown. The stats are of course for all plays of that game.