Keep track of your Board Game collection, plays and scores in this easy to use tool.
View statistics and graphs for your games, plays, and other players.
Works offline, can sync with BoardGameGeek.

  • How many games did you play recently?
  • Who scored the highest for a game?
  • With whom did you play and who wins more?
  • Did you improve your score from last times?
  • Use tailor-made score sheets to enter scores.
  • Compare players, view graphs and charts.
  • Keep track of your collection and sync with BoardGameGeek.

Collection management features:

  • Keep track of every game you’ve played or are interested in.
  • Choose a specific version and image, and track multiple copies.
  • Set status to Owned, Wishlist, Want to play, Preordered, and much more.
  • Enter details like comments, price paid, acquisition date, etc.
  • View published player counts, play time and minimum age properties for each game.
  • Filter games on status, Played but not owned, Unplayed owned games.
  • Set Custom filters to select a game for your specific group.
  • Full automatic syncing with your BoardGameGeek (BGG) collection.

Play tracking features

  • Set scoring rules, cooperative and team play for each game.
  • Set Players and Locations, including anonymous players.
  • Select which expansions were played.
  • Enter your plays including location and scores per player and many more details.
  • Calculate scores on the fly by using + and – signs.
  • Create teams and enter team scores, set each player’s role in the team.
  • Use game-specific tailor-made score sheets.
  • Auto-assign ranks to Players based on wins and scores.
  • Add Player roles, and choose from previously used ones.
  • Use Non-players for automas, bots, explainers and DMs.
  • Use a timer to keep track of your play length.
  • Add images of your Plays, and create profile images of Players.
  • Add a Game note you can view each time you start a Play.
  • Post your plays to BoardGameGeek (BGG), including auto-post after each save.
  • Import existing plays and play details from BoardGameGeek (BGG).
  • Post your play to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Send one or more Plays to other BG Stats users so only one of you has to enter the details.

Score Sheet features

  • Track your scores for each scoring category or round of play.
  • Over 700 tailor-made game-specific templates already available.
  • Tally up points for any game using the provided basic sheets.
  • Choose between different variants / maps and languages when applicable.
  • Smart navigation buttons to make input quick and easy.
  • Easily share your sheets on social media and with other players using the app.
  • View stats on categories and per player, with the Deep statistics expansion.

Statistics features

  • View statistics for each game and player, and combination.
  • See pie charts, play times and durations graphs, and score charts.
  • View insights for Games and Players, for different time periodes.
  • See your with H-index, fives, dimes, quarters and centuries.
  • View a Player’s personal H-index and win percentage.
  • Share Insights charts and 3×3 images.

BG Stats has export and import functions for easy backup to a variety of services.
You can sync with other devices via BG Stats Cloud sync (an in-app subscription).
All in a native interface, supporting dark mode, landscape and tablet/iPad screens.

With the Deep statistics expansion (in-app purchase)

  • View extended game charts, based on number of players
  • Filter your data on players, locations, specific periods and player counts.
  • View statistics for a specific combination of players.
  • Compare specific players’ statistics.
  • View winning streaks (longest en current).
  • View tiebreakers, winning new players and winning starting players stats.
  • View role-based statistics, per role and per player.
  • Monthly heatmap of plays and play duration.
  • Statistics over saved score sheets.

With the Challenges expansion (in-app purchase)

  • Create x times y challenges: play x games y times.
  • Create Record x plays challenges.
  • Create an ongoing Reach your next H-index challenge.
  • Set the time period and choose specific games to track, or use auto-fill.
  • Filter specific Players, Locations and player counts to count for the challenge.
  • Use auto-fill to let the app select the most played games for your challenge.
  • Create hardcore challenges that cannot be changed during the challenge.
  • Exclude specific plays from Challenges, see on Play and Game overviews the Challenges they’re in.
  • Share your challenge, status and results.

With a Cloud sync subscription

  • Seamlessly sync your data between all your devices.
  • Keep a backup of your data in the cloud.

Please note that any changes to the BoardGameGeek website or API can temporarily break BGG related features. I cannot guarantee their continued availability.

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