💡Did You Know: these common misconceptions about BG Stats?


🔴 No expansion is required after you purchase BG Stats
If you want to log plays and keep your collection in BG Stats, the base app is all you need!


🟠 It is not necessary to have a BGG account for you or any other player.
You can use BG Stats without a BGG account. You can log plays and keep a collection without linking an account. Even though there is a field for a BGG username for players, this is completely optional.


🟡 Insights is not an expansion but available in the base app
If you buy BG Stats, Insights will be there! Deep Stats is an expansion that offers more stats and filter options all over the app, including in Insights.


🟢 You don’t need to enter every play detail when logging a play
You can enter as much or as little details as you want, it is totally up to you. You can always edit your play later to add more details if you want.


🔵 You don’t need to own a game and a game doesn’t have to be on BGG before you can add it to the app
You can add any game in the app, you don’t have to give it a collection status. Also a game doesn’t have to be on BGG to be added in the app, linking to BGG is not required.


🟣 BG Stats is not only available on iOS, but also on Android
BG Stats has been available on both iOS and Android for years now!