Four new options for score settings for games and plays were added in this update, they are listed below.

As always also a lot of improvements throughout the app were made. See below for an update about the Score Sheet beta.

🟢 Each play of a game can now have a different scoring setting.
The score setting for a game will be used as default when you log a play, but it is now possible to choose for each individual play.

🟡 Scoring can now be set to ‘No winners / losers’, noting only scores.
The score setting “No winners / losers” was added. If you don’t want to log winners and losers for this game / play, use this score setting.

🔵 The scoring setting of plays can be changed via multiple-select.
If you want to change previous plays to a different score setting, you can now do so with multiple select.

🟣 It’s now possible to mark a play as ‘Everybody lost’ or ‘Nobody won / lost’.
Two quick links were added underneath the scores when logging a play:
– “Everybody lost“, which just sets all players on lost. If this is a co-operative play, this button is named “The game won”.
– “Nobody won / lost” which sets the score setting “No winners / losers” for this play.

Impact of new scoring settings on statistics

The new scoring settings have different effects on the statistics.

  • No winners / losers
    All plays that are set to have no winners / losers do not affect the number of wins, number of losses, or the win percentage for players and roles.
  • Mixing Highest score wins / Lowest score wins (not recommended)
    If some plays of a game are set to Highest score wins and some to Lowest score wins, this influences how the score statistics are displayed on the game’s overview screen.
    • The default setting of the game is used to determine how to scores are displayed.
    • Scores of plays that have the opposite setting are multiplied by -1 for calculation of the best and worst scores, to have comparable scores.
    • The header will show how many of the plays have the displayed score setting, and how many the opposite, e.g. “Highest score wins (2/10)” means the game’s default is Highest score wins, 2 plays are set to Highest score wins and another 10 to Lowest score wins.

Score Sheet beta

Our Score Sheet beta is also still available for everyone, so if you are interested, please have a look!

You can find how to enable this beta feature here: Score Sheets beta

For up to date info about known issues and request, check our BGG guild:

Updates to the Score Sheets:

  • Sheet language is selected based on played copy, or app language
  • Manually selected sheet language is saved for the game
  • Selected Variant is saved for next time
  • If only one variant is available, the dropdown is hidden
  • If variants are only available with expansion they have an expansion icon
  • Move right toolbar button becomes move to first row of group if applicable
  • iOS: Tries to prevent hiding keyboard when entering a field
  • Numerous internal updates.