💡Did You Know: you can share play files with others?


Everyone around the table logging the same play? A friend just started logging plays? BG Stats play sharing can help!


🟢 At game night, let just one person log plays (while avoiding game clean up 😉), and at the end of game night, they can share all plays with the other players. Just go the the All Plays page, select the plays you want to share and click Share… –> Send Play File.


🟢 If a friend just started using BG Stats, and doesn’t want to miss all the games you already logged, you can go to their Player page and click on Plays. Select All and click Share… –> Send Play File. Don’t worry, your comments won’t be shared.


👉 You can select multiple plays in the plays list by pressing the Select button (on Android this is the top right button next to the funnel). You can also start selecting by long-pressing any play in the list.


When importing plays, you can match players and games (i.e. if you gave them a different name), and that will be remembered for next imports.

Play files can be shared via email, WhatsApp, Airdrop or any other service as long it’s installed on both your devices.