💡Did You Know: how expansion plays are counted?


In BG Stats when you record a play with an expansion, you will see a play on both the game page and the expansion page. But when viewing total stats, the play will not be counted double.

If you post plays to BGG, you can choose how the app does this, there are 3 options (⚙️ Settings –> BoardGameGeek –> Play posting settings):

  1. By default the play will only be posted to the base game, with links to the expansion(s) in the comments.
  2. You can choose to post expansion plays as a separate play on BGG, one play for each expansion.
  3. You can choose to post expansion plays as 0.1 play, so they will not be counted for your BGG total of plays.

Optionally, you can choose to post the comment from the base play to the expansions play as well, for option 2️⃣ or 3️⃣, in addition to a link to the base play that is added by default.