💡Did You Know: about the Advanced filter?


The Advanced filter, available with the Tagging-expansion, gives the Custom filter more options. You can expand your search for games in the app with a number of different filters / rules.

It is possible to name and save an Advanced filter.

We’ll give 2 examples of what you can do with the Advanced filter.


Example 1:

This filter searches for base games, that are not owned. The game must have been played with 2 specific friends in the last year.

Android Advanced filter Android Advanced filter results


Example 2:

This filter searches for games that have the tag “🎲 R/F&W”, and must have been played at least 50 times. Also it must be possible to play the game with 4 players, in 15 to 45 minutes.

iOS Advanced filter iOS Advanced filter result


You can combine these options and more to create filters that are unique to you and for every occasion.