Version 3 of Board Game Stats is a free upgrade for all existing users.

Collection management

The major new feature in Board Game Stats 3 is Collection management. You can now keep track of the games you own, have on your wishlist and more.

The Games list in Board Game Stats contains all game you add to the app, whether you played the game or not. You can now set a collection status on each of those games. This can be Owned, Wishlist, Want to play, Want to buy, Preordered, For trade, Want in trade and/or Previously owned.

When you have set collection statuses, you can quickly switch between sets of games, using the dropdown arrow in the title bar.

The games you already had in Board Game Stats 2 will have no collection status by default.  If you already keep track of your collection on BoardGameGeek, you can enable Collection sync, and all collection statuses will be imported and kept in sync from now on.

You can change the collection status of a Game in one of these ways:

  • On a Game’s overview screen, you can press Collection > just beneath the image. In the popup that appears, tap the status to set and tap Save changes.
  • On the Edit Game screen you can use the button + Add Collection Status to set the status, and set other details as well.
  • Using Multiple select in list of Games, you can set the collection status for multiple selected games at once. You start multiple select by long-pressing a game in the list, or with the Select button in the title bar.

Version info, multiple copies, detailed information

Besides the collection status, you can also select which specific version of the game this is, e.g. the ‘German first edition’ or the ‘Deluxe edition’. You can enter your own info, or select a version from the list on BoardGameGeek. You can also add multiple game copies, each with its own version and collection status. This way you can register which version(s) you own, and which other version you might have on your wishlist or played somewhere.

For each copy you add, you can set detailed information like price paid, comments, trade conditions, etc. If you use Collection sync all this information will be synced with BGG.

Custom Games list filter

The Games list can be filtered on groups of games. By tapping the title in the navigation bar a dropdown appears with all groups. This contains groups for All games, Played games, Unplayed Owned Games, and each separate collection status. If you have enabled Collection sync the group ‘My Original Games’ appears here as well. This group contains the games you had in BG Stats before you enabled Collection sync.

You can also select the Custom Filter, with which you can manually filter on: Collection status, possible player count, play time, number of times played and minimum age. The player count, play time and minimum age is loaded for each game from BGG, or can be entered manually by editing a game.

Setting played copy information

For each play, you can now select which copy of the game you played. When you add or edit a Play, press Play details to view the options. You have the choice to select ‘My copy’ or ‘Other copy’. If you choose My copy, you can optionally select the specific copy played, as you have registered it in the app. If you have only one copy, that one will be selected by default.

If you set to have played an Other copy, you can optionally select the owner of that played copy, and which version of the game it was, choosing from the list of versions known to BoardGameGeek.

Syncing Collection with BoardGameGeek

You can sync the collection info in Board Game Stats with the one you have in BoardGameGeek. When you first setup this sync, the collection information (status, version) you have on BoardGameGeek will be imported into Board Game Stats first, any existing collection information in the app will be merged. From that point on, both collections will be kept in sync automatically.

Changes in your collection you make in the app are sent to BGG when saving. The app also regularly scans for changes that were not yet sent, and for changes on BGG. You can update collection info on either BoardGameGeek or in the app – the changes will get synced both ways. To trigger a sync now, you can pull down from the Games list, or go to the Collection sync settings in the BGG settings in the app and use the button there.

Syncs with Cloud sync

All Collection information you enter in the app is also synced to your other devices through Cloud sync and is part of the backup there. If one of your devices syncs the collection with BoardGameGeek it will do so even if the changes were made on the other device. When you use Cloud sync in conjunction with Collection sync all the devices in your Cloud account must use the same BoardGameGeek account.

Multiple select for Plays and Games

On the Plays screen and on the Games screen you can now press the Select button or long-press an item to start selection mode. In this mode you can select any number of items on the screen and apply an action to all of the selected items.

Using the All and None buttons you can easily manage the selection. The filters on the Plays screens, available when you have purchased Deep statistics, can be used to create a filtered list from which to select items.

On the Plays screen you can set the Game or Location for all selected plays, add a comment to all, change the Ignored for stats flag, or set a played game copy. You can also  share the selected plays in a combined text to social media, or as a play file so it can be imported by other Board Game Stats users. An exported play file with multiple plays can be imported by Board Game Stats 2 as well.

On the Games screen you can set the Collection status for all selected games at once, and edit Game information like game type, score type and default coop and team settings.

For both lists there is a Delete button to delete all selected items. Please note that this action, when confirmed, can not be undone.

More additions

You can now mark if a game is a Base game (can be played standalone), an Expansion (must be played with a Base game) or both.

You can also see and edit game properties like number of players, expected play duration, and minimum age. The properties are initially loaded from BGG. If you change any of these properties, a reset button will appear with which you can reload the information from BGG. You can filter on those properties in the Games list with the Custom Filter option. The average play time is used for total play time calculation if you haven’t entered any play durations.

The Games list can now be sorted on Last collection modification, and Publication year as well. On iOS tap the more (…) option to choose other sorting methods, on Android the extra sorting options appear in the list of choices. Using the configuration (gear) button you can choose to hide or show expansions, display game type icons (base game, expansion) or display collection status. You can also switch between a view with larger images and the default view. If you have enabled Collection sync you can open the collection sync settings from here directly.

Other changes

The icon of Board Game Stats has been updated with less gradient and transparency, and rounded bars. The iOS and Android icons will now be the same.

The app supports and has been styled for dark mode in iOS 13+ and Android 10+. Users of iOS 11 and higher will now see Large titles being used in the app where appropriate, with integrated search bars.

The action buttons on the Play overview and Game overview screens have been cleaned up and the Edit button is moved to a more standard location.

Lots of small improvements throughout, e.g. being able to cancel long running import processes and better display of progress. Performance of the overview screen and browsing to the Insights screen is improved, as well as scrolling the Challenges list.

Adding a new Game now first opens the Search BoardGameGeek screen. If you want, you can still choose to add a game manually without selecting a BGG one. Some options have been added to immediately set a status for the added game, and select a specific version. The default selected status depends on the current selected filter in the Games list.

The image for a game can be chosen from several options: the BGG default for the game, the image of one of your versions, or from your local library or camera. You can do so from the Edit game screen.

We hope you enjoy this upgrade!